Tour de Cure, click to make images bigger.

The day started at 5am. By far the earliest I have ever woken up on my birthday.

Bike was tucked in the back of my van for the 45 mile drive to Reunion Ranch where the ride began.

Night was still winning the battle against morning as riders walked to collect their numbers.


The breakfast tacos were tasty.

I was number five hundred and eight.

The sun finally rose as everyone was lining up for the start. 

While most of the people doing the Tour de Cure ride did not have diabetes themselves, those that did got a special jersey to represent this. Spectators and other riders would yell "GO RED RIDER!" as we passed. 

I haven't had a reason to leave the main busy city part of Austin and go explore the country side before this bike ride. Watching the morning develop across the rolling hills and family farms and wake everything up was a welcome distraction from the pains that come during the first 10-15 miles of warming up to a lengthy distance.

These three guys from Arkansas rode with me for the full duration of the ride. Their names are not important but we chatted about all sorts of things while pacing each other at a constant 17 mph and I greatly appreciate their company.

The rest stops and the volunteers at them were absolutely incredible. Being able to stop every 10-20 miles to fill up on water, oranges, bananas, energy bars, wipe ourselves down with fresh towels, and check blood sugar levels. Riding this distance would have been much harder without all their support.

There were tasty tacos and storm troopers at the end of the ride.

The clouds were so perfect on the drive home that they seemed fake.