Social content for Logitech during the 2018 World Cup

Inspiration for the project began by watching a lot of fĂștbol and stop motion videos. Early on the team decided that in order to accommodate the inevitable and rapid fire revisions from Logitech, it would be most efficient to work digitally rather than have to spend an entire day re-filming the 4 second clip every time the client wanted a background color changed.


By using a digital workflow we were able to provide multiple options for frame rates, camera shake, and backgrounds simply by changing a few toggles in After Effects.

The project resulted in some of the most engaging content that Logitech posted during 2018 due to how responsive the team could be with pairing up new countries as the World Cup progressed. This was combined with the new poll options on Twitter and Instagram leading followers to tune back in to the channels after each game ended and the tournament continued.